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50 ways to fund travel lifestyle

We don't believe in using our savings for funding our travel. We also don't believe in skimping, going without, or having to backpack to save money. Instead, we support people to create an income that will not only fund their lifestyle of travel but also contribute to the growth of their nest egg.

If you aren't sure what you could do to create an income for your travel lifestyle dream, download the 50 Ways to Fund a Lifestyle of World Travel today and discover all the different ways you could, along with weekly travel tips, hacks, discounts, inspiration and advice.

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11 ways to reduce travel anxiety

Having anxiety when you travel can affect your experience, those around you, and may even stop you from travelling. Basically travel anxiety, or any anxiety for that matter really sucks!

I've experienced travel anxiety, and my husband does regularly, and yet we have managed to travel the world for the past five-plus years by using the strategies listed in this downloadable ebook. It is our hope that these can be of help to you too so you can fulfil your travel dream lifestyle.

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